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Debbie Davis

Debbie Davis
Founder & President

Debbie Davis has always carried with her an entrepreneurial spirit perfectly matched with her creative energy and appreciation for diverse cultures and traditions. The idea for developing a line of multiracial, multicultural products, dolls and accessories came as Debbie noticed an obvious lack of products that meet the needs of today’s mixed race market. Debbie wanted to create products that accurately resembled her family, and the growing population of multiracial children and families. In fact, Debbie was born in Jamaica and is of African, Scottish, Chinese and English decent. She moved to the diverse landscape of Toronto, Canada at the age of eight and has lived there ever since. Growing up in downtown Toronto, she was not only exposed to children from varying backgrounds other then hers, but she was also able to develop wonderful and positive interracial relationships.

As her years in grade school continued, Debbie was exposed to the homes, foods, traditions, families and cultures of many of her friends. These friends included: Koreans, Hungarians, Chinese, Italian, multiracial, Scottish, English, Portuguese, Jewish, Finnish, Latin Americans, and other Caribbean Islands. This experience gave her an education no institute could match. “My home life also played an instrumental role in shaping my views and outlook on the world around me. My parents operated an open door policy, which enabled my siblings and me to welcome our friends into our world. They ate at our table, slept over and even went on vacation with us. Interacting with my friends, taught me how very similar we all are.” As a multi-racial mother of four multi-racial children and the wife to a Scottish, Irish, English Caucasian Canadian, Debbie knows first hand the importance and significance of these products in the marketplace. Debbie wants people to celebrate and appreciate the beauty of each culture and each other. MIXIS™ products give families an opportunity to learn about a diverse mix of races, faces and places in the world around them.