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Desiree Shaymé Lopez


Full Name:Desiree Shaymé Lopez

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York. USA

What is your Mix?
My MIXIS Puerto Rican, African American, French, German, Spaniard, and Native American.

Mix UP?
My Father’s Side is: Puerto Rican of African American, and German heritage.
My Mother’s Side is: Puerto Rican of French, and Spaniard heritage

When people ask you what you are, what do you usually say?
I just say I am a Puerto Rican, since it is less confusing that way. It gets even more interesting, we assume a missing link in my mother’s line “Hawaiian”, - and her maiden name name is. “Salu”, which is a Hawaiian name. No one is quite sure though.

At what age did you realize you were mixed? What was that experience like?
Maybe about 6 or 7 yrs old. Children in school always seem to ask me if I was Asian. I remember asking my parents if I was Asian. People would always tell me I looked Asian or blasian, and not typically like a Puerto Rican. My question was always, why I don’t look like everyone else? As an adult, I’m so glad that I don’t!

Did you feel different growing up?
No one in my family looks the same. My uncle has a darker complexion, and all of my cousins are darker. I was told that I came from a mixed island full of mixed people, all shapes and sizes and colors, we're all the same – our blood is red. I never felt out of place anywhere, because of that foundation.

Do you usually date a specific race or nationality? If So Why?
I like all kinds of me, and I have not paid attention to this pattern before, but I guess I tend to find myself attracted to Black Men (Both African-American or Caribbean). They usually have a similar set of values to mine. I fall in love with their strong personality – and they tend to love their moms which I find very attractive! Yes, I am dating someone that is quite special to me.

My friends are a rainbow of colors -many are mixed. In my line of work, I meet all kinds of people – I’m an aerialist and an aspiring model so naturally I have a general melting pot of friends!

You are an Aerialist, what exactly is that?
It literally means “Dancing in the Air”! To be more specific, the choreography incorporates an apparatus often attached to the ceilings, with great costumes, fabrics,

ribbons etc, while allowing performers to explore space in a three dimensional element. Think Cirque de Soliel – that sort of thing!

You are also, an up and coming model, what do you usually get type cast as? Has this improved or hurt your career?
I am what some might say is racially ambiguous. I have been told by many that my look transcends racial and ethnic boundaries and appeals to all. They have even made me into a Brigitte Bardot blonde bombshell! I believe my mix improves my career!

Mixed Drink?
Patron ----and pineapple juice.... chilled as my go to. I’m not really a drinker.

Anything else?
I’d like to share a traditional Puerto Rican family recipe – It’s still my favorite cuisine and soon will be yours too! This the closest to my grandmothers' and Mom's recipes!

Check out our Food & Fusion page for Desiree’s PERNIL/ROASTED PORK SHOULDER (for non pork eaters, substitute with a beef roast)