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"My name is Candy Gibbs-Warnick (27) of Maplewood NJ, I have a lovely family consisting of my wonderful husband William Warnick (28) and my beautiful 1.5 year old son Chace. My family is quite unique due to our various backgrounds. When William & I decided to start our family, one of the first questions we asked ourselves was" I wonder what our baby will look like". William's family consists of Italian, Polish, Irish, and Native American and my family consists of Africa, Irish, and Louisianan Creole. When Chace was born he was extremely fair skin, dark blue eyes, and straight dark brown hair. As he's got older his eyes have turned to a lighter shade of blue, his hair is now curly and dirty blonde. Our course we are asked numerous time what his racial background consist of. We do not look at color, we love one another for our individual characteristics."