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Here is my lovely family. We are young parents, I'm 23 & my fiancé is 24 & our little girl Summer is now 2 years old. Summer was born on 10-31-10 (our little Halloween baby) She is amazing in every way. I was born in Denver & moved to Virginia when I was 11. This is when I met Adam. We have been friends for about 13 years & weve been together as a couple for 5 strong years:) We now live in California together as a family and couldn't be happier:) Being an interracial couple we faced many triumphs.. Losing good friends, being harassed about what our baby looks like (she has blue eyes while both my fiance & I have brown.. it's hereditary from our grandparents & her skin and hair is lighter then mine! So people have passed many judgements) we've even had some inner family issues.. Virginia was a hardship for us because a lot of ignorance can be found there still...But nothing could stop us from being a family and we love our little Mixed family just the way it is.

My mothers side -- my grandfather was full Hawaiian & Portuguese. My grandmother was full Native American & Irish. My fathers side is more unknown but he is African American & his family is from Mississippi. (Illinois) My fiancé German & he also has some Native American in his blood. & obviously my daughter is all of the above:) But her blues eyes come from both of our grandparents.. its has to be hereditary (on both sides & passed down) We had & will always have a 1 in 4 chance to have a blue eyes baby even though both him & I have the dominate brown eyes:) lol.