Unity through Diversity

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My name is Andy Barter, I am a photographer based in London. This project is about the lives and experiences of people who have grown up in a family that perhaps surprises others.

The individuals in the photographs tell personal stories on many different levels and challenge traditional views. The images present different family members, a mother a child or a grandparent all of whom are related…my aim is to show how society is evolving and changing, and how as it does we are all encouraged to think differently.

Whilst the differences are seen on the surface through skin color, I believe the real changes are more than skin deep and that in effect we are witnessing a fusion not only of cultures, but class, religion and genealogy.

I am in a ‘mixed’ relationship and together with my partner we have 3 children who are representative of the next generation. Our children represent our families. They have brought a new dimension to their grandparents’ thinking. When seen alongside us, their parents or grandparents, they inevitably ‘test’ the views of society. But for them this world is the world that they have always known. They see nothing out of the ordinary. This is how life is for them and for many of their friends who are part of this new evolving world where being a person of mixed heritage is becoming the norm.

I aim to exhibit the work with individual testimonies and perhaps create a book, which will leave something concrete for a wider audience to peruse. Together with Rhoda Dakar – musician and we have begun collate the testimonies and are putting together a written framework to hold the work together.