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Born Derek Sanderson Jeter he is an American baseball shortstop who has played 18 seasons in Major League Baseball for the New York Yankees. A five-time World Series champion, Jeter is regarded as a central figure of the Yankees during their success of the 1990s and 2000s due to his hitting ability, baserunning, and leadership.

His father is African American and his mother is Caucasian of Irish and German descent. They met while serving in the United States Army in Germany. As a child, Derek can recall times when people would snicker and make jokes regarding his biracial background. “You’d hear some things, whispers when you walk in, laughs,” he states, “it also taught you that there are people that were uneducated in terms of different races.” Experiences he mentions could have broken him down, but instead he used them to get stronger and improve himself. He says, “Don’t be ashamed of the person you are or the person you’re with because people in the world are too close-minded to understand. Focus on being happy with your partner, maintaining a healthy relationship and standing strong for what you believe in!”

Derek Jeter lives in several places. He has houses in Tampa, Florida, Greenwood Lake, New York; Marlboro, New Jersey and an apartment in Manhattan, New York in the Trump World Tower.