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Named after the famed African American author and poet Maya Angelou, Mya Marie Harrison is one of three children born to an African American father, a musician and Italian mother, an accountant. With an African American father and mother of Irish descent, Mya endured insensitive comments about her ethnic background when she was a kid. Mya has used her experiences to speak to girls’ groups as part of the Secret of Self-Esteem program for adolescents. She addresses issues like body image, peer pressure and gender stereotypes.

As of 2011, Mya had released her Japan-only album entitled K.I.S.S, it debuted at number seventy-four on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart for the week of February 11, 2012. In an interview with Billboard.com's, The Juice, Mya said she'll release her next album in the States "when it's ready and supported properly" , she also mentions she is open to working with a major label again, "if a comfortable situation presents itself". However, her main priority is serving her fans worldwide now and plans to continue putting out mixtapes. She still may do projects in Japan, but her focal point and priority is to bring it back home.

Mya is currently working on three in-studio projects; a collaboration album, her eighth studio album, and Beauty & the Streets Vol. 2