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Ron is an American television, film and voice actor. Opal is a jewelry and fashion designer. He is known for having played Vincent in the TV series Beauty and the Beast, for which he won a Golden Globe. He also played the comic book character Hellboy in both the film of that name and its sequel. He has an extensive list of credits of voice-overs in animated series including famed Halo 2 and 3, Batman, Superman and Justice League.

He has been married to Opal Stone Perlman since February 14, 1981; they have two children, a daughter, Blake Amanda (born 1984), and a son, Brandon Avery (born 1990). Perlman has volunteered as an actor with the Young Storytellers Program. On July 9, 2012 he supported the Make-A-Wish foundation by fulfilling a boy's dream to meet him dressed in full, film-ready makeup as Hellboy.