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Her father is South African, born in the country Zambia, her mother is Irish. She was discovered at the age of fifteen on RTE`, a TV talent show by Irish music Svengali Louis Walsh. Known for her smash hit “Gotta Tell You,” released in 2000 after reaching No. 1 on the Irish charts, her song rose to No. 4 on the US charts. Samantha Mumba’s first album rose to a platinum status with over 1 million copies sold.

Samantha’s singing career has been tumultuous. After her success of her album in 2000 where she sold over 4 million copies worldwide she put her singing career on hold to pursue another passion of hers-acting. She won the lead in The Hot Mikado, a jazzy production based on Gilbert and Sullivan’s opera, but in 2001, Mumba and fellow teen star Aaron Carter performed a concert at Disney MGM Studios for the Disney Channel, titled Aaron Carter and Samantha Mumba In Concert. She performed three songs, "Gotta Tell You", "Baby Come On Over", and "Don't Need You To (Tell Me I'm Pretty)". A year later, she and Carter also appeared on an episode of All That. In 2003 she made an appearance in the film Spin the Bottle.

In June 2011 Samantha had fallen in love and got engaged to Tony Scales a police officer who she wed in February of 2012.