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Born on September 22, 1959 the two time Olympian in 1976 and 1980 American pair skater Tai Babilonia will soon celebrate 53 years of living. She along with partner Randy Gardner were World Champions in 1979 and the US national champion from 1976-1980. Tai was the first figure skater of partial African American descent to win US and World titles. Her father is a Filipino detective for the Los Angeles Police Department and her mother, an African-American homemaker.

Now retired, Tai Babilonia, first met her skating partner in 1968. Randy Gardner was 10 years old and Tai was 8 years old. She had to be bribed just to hold his hand during a practice at the Culver City ice rink in California. They started winning titles as teenagers and collected five senior national championships leading up to the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. Tai was the first African-American female skater to succeed at that level. The public adored them.

Since retiring Tai spends her days raising her son, Scout Gabriel from a previous marriage and spending time with her fiancé comedian David.