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AUGUST WILSON, born April 27, 1945, to a Sudeten-German immigrant baker/pastry cook, Frederick August Kittel, Sr. and Daisy Wilson, an African American cleaning woman. He was an American playwright who received two Pulitzer Prizes for Drama. His work was set in different decades, depicting the comic and tragic aspects of the African-American experience in the twentieth century.

Learning to read at age four, he was chased from several homes and schools because of prejudice. Because of this, he dropped out of school and educated himself in his teen years at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, who later awarded him a degree, the only such one it has bestowed. After spending a short stint in the military and later doing menial jobs, he took to his writings, gathering his stories from all around him, in the shops and characters he came across in his everyday walk. He co-founded the Black Horizon Theatre and began showing his work in other small theatres and schools. He also started the Kuntu Writers Workshop to bring African-American writers together and to assist them in publication and production. Both organizations are still active.